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Our "EXTREME" workshop
  Sunday, APRIL 2, 2017!​
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We evolved from the concern of two Panhellenic-minded      women witnessing the best and most outstanding High          School girls not being informed or prepared for sorority       recruitment, commonly called Rush 

       We prepare our college-bound young women for their 
       higher education in so many other ways – we think it is    
       necessary to help prepare them for the best 
       in social networking Rush!

                         We know that knowledge is power! 

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EXTREME Workshop 2017!

Senior High School Girls! Check out what your campus of choice is doing!

by Pat Grant on 11/02/11

We are nearing the end of the first semester for you high school senior girls!  If you have made an early decision about which college you will be attending next Fall, now is the time to check out their Panhellenic website.  By going to your chosen college's website and looking under the tab "Greek Life" or "Panhellenic," this should lead you to any possible activities hosted by the Panhellenic -- specifically for high school senior girls.  Several southern campuses will have one weekend a month when you may visit.  This is a great way to get your name and face familiarized with the Panhellenic groups on your chosen campus.  

Word of advice -- Be sure and register through the Panhellenic office before you visit.  Make sure you follow the guidelines and rules!  You do not want to break any of the Panhellenic guidelines before you arrive on campus!  If you have concerns or questions, feel free to ask us!  We can be a great neutral point of inquiry for you!  We will gladly help you navigate any complexities or processes!   Check it out and Good Luck from Marlea and me!      


OCTOBER "Early Bird" WORKSHOPS Sunday the 16TH AND Monday the 17TH

by Pat Grant on 09/10/11

Rushbiddies present their "Early Bird" workshop!  This workshop is ideal for the high school senior (or junior) girl who needs and wants to gain insight to  be well prepared -- early -- for their college Sorority Recruitment!  Panhellenic-minded women Marlea Foster and Pat Grant developed this program as they watched some of the most outstanding high school girls go through the Greek Sorority Recruitment process uninformed and unprepared!  This workshop will guide you to an easier sorority recruitment process by helping you network your senior year -- the last high school year -- to your full advantage!  

Topics will include prep timelines, resumes, recommendations, thank you notes, Facebook pages, and more.  

Select one of these convenient times to attend:  Sunday, October 16 @ 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. or Monday, October 17 @ 6:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. in the Mountain Brook Community Education Classroom (32 Vine Street). 

Cost is $50 per person or $80 for both mom and daughter.  For more information or to register, email Rushbiddies@aol.com



Build a Better World By Going Greek!

by Pat Grant on 08/20/11

Came across this posting by writer Robert Asgha in the Huffington Post -- thought it was worth sharing.  It will definitely dispell any negative thoughts about why go Greek!


Rushbiddies sending PNOs to campuses for Fall Recruitment!!!

by Pat Grant on 08/01/11

Marlea and I are so excited and yet anxious for our girls!!!  Our little workshoppers -- who are headed to Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and other campuses with a Fall Recruitment -- are on the cusp of their long and hectic week!  Approach it with enthusiasm and openness!  You will do great!   The clothes, make-up, hair maintenance, etc. -- all should be under control by now!  You should be worried about your dorm room items and making sure you have that check list covered!

By now -- all the rush packets with their recommendations should already be on your campuses! (If you have not already done so -- now is a good time for you, or Mom, or Aunt/Grandmother -- to make those follow-up phone calls/ write those reminder/thank you notes/ e-mails -- just to double check!)

We wish you all the very best experience possible!  If you are in the Southeast --  don't forget your blotters in your RB survival kit -- and stay hydrated!  Love and luck to you all!  Let us hear from you!  We have our fingers crossed that you will have the best Recruitment week possible!  Warmest Regards from the Rushbiddies!!


Rushbiddies in the Birmingham News!

by Pat Grant on 06/29/11

It has been an extremely busy June!!  This update is overdue!  I think our fireworks for the 4th have already started!  We successfully launched our SAKS workshop --and thanks to Chanda Temple of the Birmingham News and Megan LaRussa of Southernfemme -- we have had a busy month of recognition!  Ginger Jefferson at SAKS we look forward to working with you again!

I hope you all were able to catch our workshopper Caroline Given in June 26th's "Fashion Ambush" in the Birmingham News! Plus -- Megan's fashion tips in the Saturday paper!

 Here is the Fashion Ambush article featuring Caroline!

Caroline Given will be a freshman at Auburn University in the fall.
(Photo -- The Birmingham News / Michelle Campbell)

Who: Caroline Given, 18, of Crestline. She graduated from Mountain Brook High School and will be a freshman at Auburn University in the fall. Her parents are Perry and Roxanne Given.

Caught: During a sorority recruitment seminar for young women interested in the college rush process. It was held at Saks Fifth Avenue and was presented by Pat Grant and Marlea Foster of rushbiddies.com. They will offer the class again in October. Birmingham style coach Megan LaRussa of Southern Femme gave fashion tips for rush, and Saks provided makeup and jewelry tips.

What are you wearing? A pink Lily Pulitzer dress from the Lily Pulitzer website; tan Franco Sarto sandals from zappos.com; a Kate Spade straw purse from Saks; gold seashell earrings that were a gift from her mother; and a necklace that she borrowed from her mother, whose mother-in-law gave it to her.

You said you are a big online shopper because it's easier. Did you get your prom dress from the Internet? "I did. I got it from saks.com."

carolinebracelet.jpgThe bracelet.
What are some of your favorite fashion websites? "I like Urban Outfitters, collectivecouture.com, and I actually get a lot of stuff from Forever 21."

Describe your style. "I like bright colors and I like simple things, but simple things with a pop. Like, if this dress were all pink, I wouldn't like it as much. I think the lace on the top gives it something extra."

How did you put together your outfit today? "I started with the dress. It's a fun color. It looks good on my skin. And then, I started with the shoes. But, I raided my mom's closet to find most of the jewelry."

What's one thing you feel that you have to have in order to complete your outfit? "Earrings, definitely earrings. I feel naked without earrings."

Is there anything you won't wear? "I really don't like jean shorts. I know those are big right now, but I'm not a fan."

carolinepurse.jpgThe purse. (photos -- The Birmingham News / Michelle Campbell)

Do you have a favorite outfit for any occasion? "I like to wear dresses a lot and I like high-waisted ... skirts. (Dresses) look feminine and you can dress them up or down."

It sounds like there are certain rules to follow when it comes to knowing what to wear to fall rush. How prepared are you? "For clothes, it's just a matter of knowing how formal or casual to go."

Now, will you be able to walk across campus in shoes like that?

Want to know more about how to dress for rush? Go here for Megan LaRussa's fashion and grooming tips.

We hope the 4th of July is a wonderful time for you and your family!  Marlea and I will be igniting some fireworks in honor of our wonderful country and the fabulous men and women who defend it!

Watch for the details for our upcoming October workshops!  Happy 4th of July! May God bless you all! 

E-vites Sent for SAKS Workshop!! We Can't Wait!!

by Pat Grant on 05/13/11

Here is the long link for the E-vite invitation to the Saks workshop!  Join us!  It promises to be fun and informative! 



by Pat Grant on 05/10/11

Marlea and I are so excited! By invitation from Saks Fifth Avenue and Megan LaRussa of Southernfemme -- we are having a Rushbiddies workshop in the Saks Fifth Avenue store located at the Summit!!  It will be Monday, June 6th in Birmingham, Alabama!  We can't wait!  This will be the ultimate hands-on-event and you must pre-register via the Rushbiddies website, or via Saks to participate!  Start looking  for our e-vite too!  You may make inquiries on our webpage (Rushbiddies.com) or use the link on Southernfemme.com!  And, as always, you may click the website "workshop" tab to pre-register.  As a special courtesy to Saks, we want to make this valuable workshop available for as many people as possible!  So to that extent, we are offering this one afternoon for both Mother and Daughter for $50.00!!  This is the best deal ever for the type of information and insight you will gain!  

We can guarantee that you will gain valuable knowledge at this workshop for the young lady on the verge of Panhellenic Recruitment (commonly called "Rush").  You don't want to miss it!  Not only will you have the endless resources of the Rushbiddies, but the Saks personnel will also be on hand to offer make-up advice, fashion tips, etc. The goal is to make you -- the young lady on the verge -- not only polished on paper but just as polished for your personal appearances at the parties during Recruitment week!  

Anyone going through as a PNM this coming Fall 2011 or Winter 2012 should pre-register to attend!  (Don't know what a PNM is?  Then YOU really need our help!)  Let us help educate you!  You need to understand how the Panhellenic system works!  This is an essential workshop  for anyone not familiar with the college Greek system!  However, if you think you know all about it!  Think again!  A lot has changed in very recent years!  You need us more than you know!

As an added bonus  -- we will have door prizes, favors, and more!  However, you must be registered for the workshop by June the 6th!  This special workshop is $50.00 for both Mother and Daughter to attend!  We can't wait!  You don't want to miss this event!  We look forward to seeing you all there!~Warm Hugs from the Rushbiddies ~ Marlea and Pat

Pre-Register NOW! For Our 2-Day Intensive Workshop!

by Pat Grant on 03/26/11

Tip of the Month:  Start noticing what the sororities on your college campus are doing.  The Spring months are major fund-raising times and every sorority has a philanthropy they support.  So pay attention and focus in on who is doing what!  It gives you more information about the sororites, plus you can get an idea of what is at the core of their ideals and standards.  Make notes!  You can come up with some general questions to participate in a conversation about their philanthropy to use during Rush week!

Hey Gang! One more thing...just a quick reminder to everyone to pre-register NOW for our April 17th and 18th workshop!  This is a 2 day commitment and this will be the only workshop we will have this SpringYou don't want to miss this one!  It is our best one yet!!! 

We will possibly try to squeeze one in our schedule for this summer --but it is doubtful -- it depends upon the interest!  If you can't make the Spring workshop let us hear from you!  The next one we have scheduled will be in the Fall. 

We still execute private workshops for groups of five or more -- so that is an option if you can't make the 2-Day Intensive in April!  However, you need to get on our current schedule NOW if this is something you want do!  We get booked quickly once May gets here!  

We look forward to seeing you all at our 2-Day Intensive next month! 

Rushbiddies are so excited to present a 2-DAY Intensive Spring Workshop April 17th & 18th!

by Pat Grant on 02/23/11

In order to better prepare our college-bound girls and their moms for Greek Recruitment ("Rush") week in the fall (or winter if your campus has second semester Recruitment), Rushbiddies will be offering a 2-day Intensive Workshop this April!

Go ahead and mark your calendars for Sunday, April 17th from 3pm-5pm and Monday, April 18th from 6pm-8pm.  This program will prepare our young 'chicks' for the hatching of their best ideas and efforts throughout the 'Rush' process!

Sunday Day One we will provide you with all of the information you will need to get started on the road to an extremely successful Recruitment experience!  This first day is absolutely necessary for anyone who has questions about Rush, or just doesn't know where to begin!  Knowledge of the preparation work involved with college Greek Recruitment is essential!  We will tell you all that you need to know to equip your credentials for the big week!  

Monday Day Two is all about the party! We will focus on the actual party environment! You will learn what to expect and how to participate in party conversation in order to present your best self!  This is your chance to learn how to feel at ease with the "flock," and how to keep from getting your "feathers ruffled."  Think you know how to make party conversation? Just you wait!  There is much to learn!  You can't be too prepared at "Rush" parties! Register Now! 

2-Day Intensive Workshop (both Mother and daughter attending) $100.00

One day only (of your choice) Mother and daughter attending $75.00

One day only (of your choice) One person attending $50.00     


Rushbiddies Launches Blog!!

by Pat Grant on 01/31/11

Welcome to the first Blog Posting for Rushbiddies!

We are on the cusp of the Spring Recruitment Season! Which means we are busily making plans for our next couple of workshops!  We are learning more each season about how the different campuses deal with recruitment, or as we in the South like to call it "Rush."  Vanderbilt and the University of Virginia have just finished successful Recruitments, and our sources tell us our Rushbiddies' girls have landed very happily with the sororities of their choice on those campuses!  Congratulations ladies!!

Also check out the successful Recruitment at Duke University: http://dukechronicle.com/article/panhel-sororities-extend-367-bids

Last week, Marlea and I coincidentally ran into Tracy J. Robinson - Fashion Consultant & Stylist for our October 2010 workshops.  We were all enjoying the successful planning of one of our winter recruitment girls.  Evidently, not only did that young lady (who is now successfully placed as a new recruit) get organized and was the girl to RTP (Rush to Pledge) on her campus with her workable and polished wardrobe choices, but her younger sister has become inspired to be more fashion savvy too!  This only made me want to remind everyone not to overlook our high school girls coming up right behind big sister!  We shouldn't forget our younger high school ladies!  While we have been so focused on getting our girls polished for sorority recruitment -- we must not overlook the many necessary times high school girls need to be presented as their best possible self!  Too often we can forget  about how the girls can have interviews for scholarships, campus activities, internships, and even pageants -- wardrobe planning is essential and not something that should be left for the last minute!  

I also want to remind our University of Alabama girls that the Panhellenic weekends are starting this month and go through April.   We haved posted a link to the Alabama Panhellenic cite on our facebook page -- just to make sure our Bama Bound girls (and parents) know what the rules are for Spring parties!  Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Auburn and Georgia University girls (students already on those campuses) need to register with the Panhellenic office if you are interested in the Spring of 2011 "Rush" or Recruitment.  In order to be eligible you should not have pledged and dropped, or accepted a bid from any sorority in the Fall Recruit/Rush of 2010.  Let us know if you have questions or concerns!  We want everyone to happily find their spot in the Greek community! Warmest Regards from the Rushbiddies!      

As seen in: The New York Times...Southern Living Magazine...The
Alabama Business Journal...The Birmingham News... Auburn 
Magazine...Fox Business News...Voice of America & many more!