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Spring Extreme Workshop March 3rd!

Sorority as your home away from home...

by Pat Grant on 10/12/18

These last few months have been a whirlwind of Panhellenic recruitments across the country!  Fall recruitments are finally coming to a close, and we are now getting ready for the second semester winter recruitments! Please let me say how much I have loved getting to know so many fabulous Moms and daughters! What a blessing to see so many happily placed girls! I rejoice in every happiness with each Mom and daughter, (Dads too)!  

(Btw...thank you all for sending me so many beautiful, smiling pictures from bid day with the girls in their letters or bid day shirt!  Those pictures are my ultimate reward!  I can feel the sense of accomplishment and completion for each family when I get those pictures! Again, thank you for sharing!  And just to clarify, I would never share or post those pictures anywhere without first getting permission. My client's privacy is always protected.) 

Of course, the flipside of all this happiness and sense of completion is knowing there are girls out there who did not have a successful recruitment, who feel it is a personal judgement!  Please, let me tell you now...IT IS NOT PERSONAL!!
I wish I could talk to every one of you and let you know how all of this can play out!  I want to give every girl out there looking for her sorority home my best efforts in understanding how this process works, and how each campus has it's own idiosyncrasies!  Please know that while you are in college, you still have a window of opportunity.  One strike out does not mean you can not try again! 

 Granted, I know not every college girl desires to be in a sorority, and that is fine too. (I respect the girl who is upfront and knows that about herself!)  I am addressing those that do want the sorority life! The sisterhood, the chance to "plug-in" with their sisters for on-campus activities, the opportunity to expand your circle of college friends...the list can go on and on.  Ultimately, the chance to experience sorority life as that safe and welcoming place...your home away from home. As John Donne said, "no man (or woman) is an island"...how we connect in this life has a lot to do with how our life evolves.  The choice is always yours. Blessings in all of your endeavors!

Reminder before I close this post.  The one and only open Fall Workshop is Sunday afternoon, October 14th.  This is the "Early Bird" Workshop, which is the first and introductory level workshop.  Moms and daughters are welcomed.  Please email Rushbiddies@aol.com if you are interested in attending.  More info is on our Facebook page and our website. All the best!       

PREPARATION! Know what you stand for and how to live it out!

by Pat Grant on 01/22/18

Congratulations to all my second semester girls who have happily found their sorority home!  If you are a young woman in high school who is considering taking part in sorority recruitment, when you attend college, my one word of advice is PREPARATION!  Preparation is key to the process! Please consider letting Rushbiddies help you navigate the process of dos and don'ts.  Look for our Spring workshop coming soon! 

With preparation in mind, I was recently reminded of a radio interview I did with Suzanne Z. Pedro on the Voice of America broadcast from December 2, 2014. (If you are interested, below is the link to find it.  You will have to find Suzanne under the host tab, then pull up her episodes and click on the December 2, 2014 episode.)  I was intrigued to find out if it was still available.  It was, (and I did re-listen to it), an almost full hour of interview and discussion.  You never know how you will feel about things when more than three years have passed.  Amazingly, I still stand by the advice and discussion that was presented during the program. I remember being a bit nervous about an unscripted discussion on the air.  I was hoping my passion for what I do would come through, I like to think it did.  I know the time flew by and there was so much more to share!  Happy after the hour was over, Suzanne's assistant called me back and said Suzanne wanted to thank me for my insights and time. I said I was honored to be asked, meaning every word of it and happy I had not completely blown the whole thing.  (Talk about putting yourself in unfamiliar situations?) Glad I did it, but glad it was over!

While I listened to the interview, I was so aware of how we are all women of all ages, just trying to find our way in this world.  For me, it is about helping women (Moms and their daughters) navigate a system that is most likely unfamiliar to them. To some, becoming a member of a sorority (or for guys a fraternity), seems frivolous and unimportant.  I say it is a rite of passage.  To an 18 year-old college student it can be the most important event of their young lives!  We all want to find our 'spot' in the world, no matter if your world is a college campus, or a thriving world corporation.  We all long for a sense of belonging and being plugged into our environment. My goal is to always honor that process and to give the support and edification everyone deserves! Blessings sweet readers!

This is the description of the episode from Voice of America:
"Have you ever wondered what it takes to get into a sorority? Or are you already or were you already a member of “Greek life”? Since their inception in the 1850s, sororities have functioned as social organizations that have helped advance and empower members in their college lives, in future careers, and in their personal lives. But, sororities are not just famous for their parties and social life, they also engage in community service, leadership, and strive for academic achievement for their members. And, as you probably know, their recruitment process is very competitive. This week, join me and my guest, Pat Grant, who founded Rushbiddies, an organization that gives workshops and advice to applicants who wish to join a sorority. Her tips on etiquette and networking are not just for Greek life but are also vital for our everyday lives. So join me this week as we learn the important lessons that can help us go from the dorm room to the boardroom and, perhaps, to the bedroom."       

This is the link, (don't forget to look up Suzanne Z. Pedro under the hosts tab and then look at her episodes.  Click on the episode from December 2, 2014):


Thank you again for your interest!   

I believe in second chances!! !

by Pat Grant on 09/16/17

We have been so excited and happy for ALL of our RB girls!  They have ALL been happily placed in their sorority homes this fall! CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is such a fabulous feeling to know you were able to help someone successfully navigate through this oft daunting recruitment process! Most of you have already been on your new member retreat, or formally 'pledged,' or you are just about to receive your new member pin, or even your big sister!  Regardless of where you are in your new member process, you are a part of a caring and loving sisterhood!  Welcome to a wonderful new world which will serve to enhance your college years and beyond!  Enjoy!
What seemed a little unusual this fall, from my perspective, was the large percentage of girls going through formal recruitment for the second time!  We were so happy we could help you the second time around!  Your stamina paid off! I deeply appreciate how you recognized you could not got through the recruitment process, this second time, without some new "tools" to better equip yourself!  A wise person always realizes you can't do the same thing and expect different results! Way to go brave daughters and supportive Moms! (Shout out to the Moms! Moms are always our biggest advocates!)  All of this made for a happy outcome in all cases! Again, congratulations and extra congrats to the second chance girls! You overcame and did it!                                                                                                                                                                                         
I do love the words 'Second Chance!'  With all of my heart I so believe in second chances!  I have always known anything worth having is not always easy to achieve! For second time girls, the biggest challenge and hurdle can be making sure you have the gumption to go through the formal recruitment process again!  Then there is the need to obtain the wisdom to look back.  It can be personally painful, you need to examine and explore what can and should be done differently!  I want to reassure anyone who has gone through sorority recruitment on their own, if it felt like you got "blind-sided" on the outcome and the way sorority recruitment works, you are not alone!  Education and the right tools are essential!  Please do not expect to get to recruitment week, without any preparation, and anticipate a good outcome!  The more competitive the campus, the harder to get placement!                                                                                  
Too often at campus orientations a girl is made to feel like sorority recruitment will be laid back and they can easily find their sorority home.  All the time she may be thinking..."I've got this."  Perhaps you do, but be sure you really understand not just what is said at your campus orientation, but what the sororities on your campus expect!  This is where Rushbiddies can help!  (Of course this is a shameless plug!)   However, I would have never stepped into this arena if I did not have a passion to help daughters (with their Moms cheering them on), find their sorority home!  Always, my ultimate goal is to help you both to understand the oft overwhelming sorority recruitment process on your particular campus, and then to be happily placed in your sorority spot! That is such fulfillment for me! Shoot me an email if you have concerns and questions!   
Before signing off, I want to wish a big 'good luck' to my Ole Miss and University of Michigan girls just starting their recruitment tomorrow and this weekend! Plus, a big Congrats to my University of Washington and Illinois girls who just pledged! If you would like more information, please email me:
Blessings sweet ones! Pat

Spring has sprung? Change is in the air!

by Pat Grant on 03/25/17

Life is nothing if it is not in a constant state of flux! Right? That is a philosophy I try to live by!  It can be a challenge!  Change is inevitable!  Our seasons predictably change, but the weather it brings, especially in the South, can be quite unpredictable!  So we take comfort in knowing with spring the flowers will bloom!  However, we also know with spring, the tornados can come too!  We embrace the good and prepare for the bad!  Still, at the same time wanting to believe that life is only and always good!      

We humans are creatures of habit!  I will be the first to admit, routine can be comforting. However, isn't life to be embraced as an adventure?  How can an adventure be predictable? This 'spring-is-in-the-air-change-is-coming' feeling makes me think of all of the senior girls [soon to be PNMs (Potential New Members)] getting ready to graduate from high school; preparing to start a new college, make new friends, find a new living environment, the cusp of new adventures! Lots of changes!

Embrace the change sweet girls, but take the lessons learned from home with you! Our past experiences can only help  us embrace the changes that are going to happen, whether we want them to or not!  Don't spend valuable energy trying to resist change, we can stagnant very quickly that way!  Use your energy wisely sweet girls!  Prepare for the changes that are coming!  Give it your best shot to embrace these new experiences with wise insight!

And of course, I invite you to use the knowledge, experience, and insight of the Rushbiddies in preparing for your sorority recruitment!  Our one and only "Extreme" Spring workshop is Sunday afternoon, April 2nd, 3:00-5:00 at the Emmett O'Neal library. Let us help you to embrace the next stage in your life!   

You may email or PM Rushbiddies if you have questions or concerns!

Happy Spring and Happy Adventure! Blessings! Pat






Happiness is a busy fall!

by Pat Grant on 10/11/16

Rushbiddies reached a milestone this fall!  A record  number of girls seeking our help! But the best news of all, they are ALL happily placed in their new sorority "home!"  I have adored working with these remarkable young ladies!  Thanks to technology, I am able to really get to know these lovely PNMs and their families, and it is extremely rewarding to help them navigate their recruitment!  It was such a pleasure to coach them through one of the most taxing processes they have ever faced!  With Skype, Facetime, emailing, texting, etc., it does not matter, where ever there is a need for our help and services, we can make it work!  So to end the fall season on a wonderful note, I invite you to share the below information with anyone expecting to go through sorority recruitment in the near future!  Open to all high school girls and their Moms/guardians, come to our one and only fall workshop.  Join us for the "Early Bird" workshop Sunday, October 30th, 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. at the Emmett O'Neal library, 50 Oak Street, Birmingham, AL 35213. If you would like more information feel free to email us at Rushbiddies@aol.com or Rushbiddies@icloud.com or just sign our guestbook on our website, leaving your contact info!  Hope you can be with us on the 30th! Blessings! Pat       

Positive Mindfulness!

by Pat Grant on 03/13/16

There seems to be a new buzz word out there among people in all walks of life. Mindfulness... in simple terms, it has to do with being in the moment. It seems we are a society of multi-taskers. Are we doing so many things at one time that we are not really paying attention to what we are doing? This conjures up images of a person going around and around in circles. A never ending cycle to the daily treadmill. Between technology demands, and teens thinking that texting is actually having a conversation, are we evolving into a people who can not be content with just one-person-to-one-person conversation and interface? I am not a cynic, (someone who has negative opinions about other people and about the things people do; especially; a person who believes that people are selfish and are only interested in helping themselves.).
However, lately I have experienced some technological challenges, (as evidenced in this "stalled" website, which is now still in the process of cautiously being upgraded, but functioning once again) but I don't think it has jaded me to technology!  However, there are those who are jaded to positive mindfulness and thought processes. The Nay-Sayers, or as I like to call them the Negative Nillies...they are the cynics of the world. In this political year we are bombarded with them everywhere! How can you find any peace and contentment in that atmosphere? No, I don't think you run from the issues. I just think you need to be mindful (there is that word again)... mindfulness in what words are coming our of you mouth, that can never be "taken back." Once spoken, how do you stop them from resonating in your ears? Mindfulness in what actions you are taking. Once a decision is made and done, can it be reversed? Face it, all of the Negative Nillies of the world can overload your thought process, if you let them. Don't embrace them and their dark cloud of influence.
Isn't is better to find the graciousness and kindness in the world? Isn't it true you find what you seek? If you look for the negative in the world, it is there. If you look for the positive and kindness in the world, it is there too! It is a choice! No, I am not "Pollyanna" and no, I am not wearing "rose-colored" glasses. I am flawed, horribly flawed, and so are my dear friends, but don't we accept our friends, "warts and all?' Again, it is a choice! I mindfully make my choice to be positive! So I am celebrating positive mindfulness!
And with that being stated, I invite you all to attend my last Spring Workshop for 2016, April 10th, Sunday afternoon 3-5 at the 'Emmet O'Neal library, I promise it will be a positive experience! Email or PM us on Facebook if you want more details. We already have several people pre-registered! It should be a positive experience, and hopefully you will find it mindfully uplifting!
And more positive things have been in our mist lately. Recently I was contacted by Dorm Décor, and Swoozies to venture into some mutual advantages for our clients. Those should start to manifest themselves at our April 10th workshop! It is exciting to think about these new relationships!
Also, another positive event, I have the distinct privilege of being the keynote speaker for Potential Magazine's overview of Greek life and the recruitment process on college campuses! That is April the 19th in Montgomery, Alabama. Potential Magazine is the publication headed and edited by Pam Mashburn. Pam and her crew are apt at educating parents and high schoolers on the prep process for college entrance. They navigate everything from applications, being admitted, scholarships, and beyond!  I am honored to be a small part of what promises to be a positive and informative day!
Stay positive folks!
All the best from Rushbiddies! Pat


by Pat Grant on 02/23/15

I get hopeful this time of the year!  (Even with the ice and snow still gathering!)  Preview Saturday is coming up this weekend, February the 28th at the University of Alabama!  My Bama girls are getting excited and filled with anticipation!  To Bama's credit, this is a wonderful tool and introduction to the college sorority recruitment process!  It helps the girls, just a bit, to demystify the expectations and recruitment procedures.  Plus, it helps Moms and Dads to understand, a little better, about what is expected.  This is why I feel our Spring workshops are so valuable!  They aid and serve as a good follow-up to Preview weekend for the Bama girls! Plus, our workshops are invaluable to our girls heading off to other college campuses, (without a preview weekend).  Our workshoppers start getting their minds around the prepartion necessary and needed for their specific campus sorority recruitment!

Sorority recruitment takes commitment on several levels!  First impressions really count...on every level!  Our EXTREME workshop is spot-on in addressing where to begin in this process. After all these years, we have fine-tuned our materials to address the biggest questions and most pressing concerns!  If you were not able to attend our Fall "Early Bird" workshop, you certainly do not want to miss this Spring's EXTREME workshop!  There is much to do and preparation takes time!  Come join us and bring us your concerns!  We can't wait to see you all!  Spring flowerbuds are on the cusp and so is your sorority recruitment!  You have a chance to make this work for you -- make it count and let us help you 'cover' eveything!  Don't just wait on the sunshine of success!  Let us help make it happen for you!  All the best!     

Fall and "Early Bird" on the Horizon!!

by Pat Grant on 10/11/14

It seems that everything revolves around the weather! We in the south can probably attribute that mind-set to the agrarian roots most native families share! Perhaps even many generations back!  Late summer and early fall have rapidly expired!  I am just waiting for the elusive "cool snap" to show up again!  This is the winding down of my busiest time of the year! Thankfully, most of our Rushbiddies' girls have gotten placed.  If they did not find their "spot" in formal recruitment, it seems that COB (continuous open bidding) has been a great option! Now they are all focused on football and all the campus activities involved!  What a great time in their lives!! 

I know here in the south everyone is enjoying their SEC football!  What a conference!  I specifically plan my one and only fall "Early Bird" workshop to not conflict with football!  After all, we are located in the deep South and the heart of the SEC.  So many young ladies have come to southern schools to enjoy the traditions, the excitement, and the loyal fan-base so evident in the SEC!  I completely understand the attraction!

I am looking forward tomorrow's workshop!  I always love meeting new Moms and daughters!  They come so eager to get started with their recruitment prep and process!  And in some cases, a bit anxious for the unknown!  It is a wonderful chance to inform and build up the sweet young hearts of these beautiful young ladies! Plus help the endearing Moms acquire the tools they will both need to navigate the recruitment process!  It is never too soon to start! 

The next "Open" group workshop will be our EXTREME Workshop in spring 2015!  More about that later!  In the mean time, I smile thinking about tomorrow!   




On the threshold of...

by Pat Grant on 05/28/14

 Hi all!  It has been a busy but lovely spring!  Warm, pleasant days quickly dissolving into hot, steamy days -- long before it is officially summer.  These type of days are what we are known for in Alabama!  Summer has arrived, even though the calendar has not reflected it just yet!  School ending is a sure sign!  Now that most schools have graduated their seniors and closed for slower summer activities, it is time for our college-bound PNMs to take stock of where they are in their sorority recruitment preparation! 
By now, if you are participating in a fall 2014 sorority recruitment, you should have all of your paperwork completed.  Now is the time you organize and start delivering the packets to the alumnae, who will be writing your official recommendations.  This is a strong first step, and one that should not be overlooked!  I am always happy to help with any additional insight if questions should arise!
I have said countless times, newly graduated seniors should consider this a summer of lists! Starting with writing all of those 'thank your' notes, a necessary sign of gratitude upon receiving a plethora of graduation gifts.  Then there is the list of all the things needed to live comfortably in your college dorm.  Oh, and then there are clothing additions?  Not only is it what you will need to "dress for success" during sorority recruitment parties, but what to wear for orientation, etc.  I could go on and on, but again I remind you, think of this as a summer of lists!
However, I do hope you can take some of these slower summer days to sleep in a bit, spend some wonderful time with your family, but mostly to just breathe in the wonderful accomplish of a life milestone in graduating high school!  You are truly on the threshold of some wonderful experiences that college can bring!  Of course, my major concern is that you have an extraordinary sorority recruitment experience!  Again, preparation is key!  However, I do recognize that college holds an abundance of experiences (outside of sorority life) which can enrich your life!
Organize your lists, but schedule some down-time too!  This is an unique summer for new graduates.  Upon graduation, you immediately become a college-bound freshman.  There is such a sense of urgency in that, there really is no in-between!  So savvier these summer days, draw strength from them and the years of accomplishment behind you.  It is then that you can move ahead, embrace the change, and become even more self-aware to accomplish your personal goals!
Blessings on you all!  Congratulations graduates and may you have the best of everything during your college years and beyond!  Many hugs! Pat      

April 6th workshop - Last Organized Workshop with "Miss Spring" 2014!

by Pat Grant on 03/27/14

Well "Miss Spring" seems to be full of mood swings this year! My camellias have already turned brown on the stem!  Too cold in Alabama for the early blooms to survive!  I keep thinking the weather is finally going to be spring-like and then we have frost!  Too bizarre for my thin Southern blood!  However, the mood swings are not keeping the sunshine away!  I am waiting on the warmth to prevail!!

Sadly, our organized Spring group workshops are coming to a close!  The last one is coming up on April the 6th.  This workshop is ideal for any Mother/daughter duo who has attended any of our previous workshops.  This is a more personalized workshop and will be limited to 12 (or 6 Mom/daughter couples).  We will be more intensely involved in the preparations for Recruitment week!  I am really excited about this workshop!

Twelve will be the ideal number to really get personal and address specific issues, which often come up after attending an initial workshop with us!  We will discuss insights, and what works for each girl!  I must mention the kindness of Angie Holder, owner/photog of MomenTaker Photography.  We are meeting at her newly renovated studio space on Forest Run!  Thank you Angie!  Angie has been a vital asset in helping our clients present their best "self" in a photo image!    

However, don't fret if you can't meet the criteria in signing up for this workshop!  We are happy to conduct a private session between now and April the 6th, if you want to qualify?  Regardless, we are always willing to help meet your needs to prepare for this most exciting time of sorority recruitment! Just drop us an email! 

In the mean time, enjoy the spring sunshine, but don't forget that jacket on the way out!

Stay warm! Hugs! Pat 


Preview Day, Spring Workshop March the 16th, and Detractors!

by Pat Grant on 03/10/14

March, so far, has been a fun and busy 'almost' spring month!  Our weather in Alabama has been so lovely the last few days, we are lulled into believing that finally spring has arrived!  All the experts say winter is not over, but Mother Nature appears to be contradicting the experts!  With the landscape starting to bloom evey where, it is hard not to believe that spring has sprung!  Even as unpredictable as March can traditionally be in our state, luckily this past Saturday graced us with another gorgeous and sunny day. 

Saturday was Preview Day for Potential New Memebers (PNMs) at the Univeristy of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.  It was a lovely day to enjoy walking from sorority house to sorority house!  I secretly suspect the increase rate in placement for PNMs going through Sorority Recruitmen at the U of AL is significantly influenced by Preview, a miniature glimpse into the recruitment process.  This little foretaste of knowledge and insight seems to be serving the U of A Panhellenic well. Congratulations on a job well done ladies!    

We had the pleasure of meeting with several of our Bama-bound RB clients before and after Preview Day.  I enjoyed sharing insights and answering questions, while Paige was occupied digging around in local PNM's closets and local stores, all in an effort to help answer the age old question of  "what do I wear?"  It is always fun and rewarding to spend time with our RB clients!  Congratulations to you too ladies, this was an experience worth going through to aid in your preparation for Bama's fall recruitment!  I really wish more campuses, especially larger campuses with 30,000+ students, would consider hosting a "Preview Day."  I believe it really helps everyone, sororities, PNMs, and especially the parents!        

Of course, something else that can help PNMs is attending our workshops! We have our only spring open group EXTREME workshop coming up this Sunday, March the 16th.  We will be at the Emmet O'Neal library in the Crestline section of Birmingham. The address for you GPSers is 50 Oak Street, Birmingham, AL 35213. Our workshop is in the community meeting room. You can't miss us!  Look for the hot pink!  We hope we see you, but if you can't make this workshop, check out our website for other options.  

Those options include, our PERSONALIZED workshop on April the 6th, This is limited to 12 people (or 6 Mom/daughter couples) and we only have 4 spots left.  The ideal candidate for this workshop will have attended at least one other Rushbiddies workshop, or had at least one private 'mini' session with us. If you are interested in any of our services, please do not hesitate to sign our guest book or email us and let us hear from you!

Private 'mini' sessions are always available.  We do evaluate and tailor them for what your specific needs are for your sorority recruitment and preparation.  As always, we only want to help our clients succeed.  I truly do believe knowledge is power, so don't remain powerless and uninformed. Get informed!   ,

And speaking of uninformed, of course, like anything that people don't understand, we always have our detractors.  That doesn't bother me one bit, they are just uninformed!  I always find it intriguing that most of the detractors are men! lol!  I always hope people will be open-minded enough to try to understand the process, especially before they make judgments.  However, maybe it is a little like this psuedo-spring weather.  We hope, with time and knowledge, it will eventually evolve into understanding the real thing!  Blessings sweet friends, Pat






Spring 2014 Changes and Renewals!

by Pat Grant on 02/13/14

As we enter the spring of this fourth year of workshops and consulting, it is a time of change and renewal!  First the current change, I am happy to have my daughter Paige Grant to step in for Rushbiddies!  As a recent college graduate, and having held multiple EC offices in her college sorority, Paige brings a young and fresh insight to the whole sorority recruitment preparation.  One of her fortes is helping a client dig around in her closet to help her merge the old with the new.  Paige has a wonderful eye for fashion and what is current on any college campus!  Plus Paige has added insight to the recruitment process!  (I think you can tell I am proud of her accomplishments!)  We are having a great adventure as Mother and Daughter connecting with other Mothers and Daughters! 

Further change regretfully comes in the form of my dear and precious friend, and original Rushbiddies partner, Marlea Foster.  Marlea has realized she needs to close the door on her involvement with Rushbiddies.  It seems the demands of her family, near and far, are needing her undivided attention at this stage in her life.  Marlea will always be a wonderful friend!  We will continue to share our lives, celebrate birthdays, and have delicious dinners out together!  Marlea it takes a lot of wisdom to know when it is time to re-focus and adjust your priorities!  I will always admire your insight, and will always appreciate your generosity in letting me have your time to help promote Rushbiddies!  This is not good-bye dear friend, just see you later under different circumstances.    

And of course Spring is a time of renewal!  This comes to us in the form of looking at new opportunities to strengthen our process!  With the help of new technology and some interesting contacts, we continue to reach way beyond our own back yard!  Paige and I take great pleasure in meeting Moms and daughters from all over our great country!  Our thankfulness is extended to you all for acknowledging that sorority recruitment is the first step in networking a life well spent!  As we dig out from winter's drifted snow, may you always find the promise of that first spring blossom!  Peace and blessings to you all!  Pat





Success Or Not? What is next?

by Pat Grant on 10/12/13

I get a bit melancholy this time of year!  Summer has come and gone -- and fall is in full swing!  By now, all of the fall formal recruitments are over! (Ole Miss just completed theirs, which is the last campus to do Fall Sorority Recruitment in the Southeast.)  Now is the time I like to hear from our RB girls!  The photos snapped on bid day are always a great reward for me!  I love seeing the smiling faces in front of their new sorority home!  It pleases me when our girls have found their official "spot" -- I think of the great times a head of them in the next four years!  Some of the 'selfies' are too funny, but I love seeing them too!  Typically, the 'selfie' will portray a new member with a new-found sister, taken too closely, with some poignant head-gear appropriate for the group!  The pictures seem to always possess some touch of whimsy, which I always find so endearing with all of the activities of bid day!      

However, lately it seems I am hearing more and more from sophomore girls.  Girls who didn't come to us initially, or girls who didn't know about us, before their freshman year of sorority recruitment.  Girls, who for some reason, did not have guidance and direction in helping them navigate the sorority recruitment process. Too often they come disappointed or discouraged. 

The good news is: more and more campuses are incorporating an "upper-classmen" policy.  This is simply a rule that allows a sorority to offer bids to girls who are either sophomore-level or above in college placement, and their numbers are not to be counted against the "quota" amount allowed in formal recruitment pledge classes.  This is a good thing!  More girls can find their spot!

However, one thing I have noticed about these girls.  They are either really wounded or deeply hurt over their initial experience.  Often to the point of giving up on even trying again.  Young women let me encourage you right now!  Yes, ideally everyone goes through their Sorority Recruitment and finds their spot!  However, the reality is, I am hearing from these girls that did not have a good first experience!  It is not personal!  Let us help you understand this process and TRY AGAIN!  If you want to be a part of Greek life, you owe it to yourself to try again!  I truly believe it can work for you!

I was seeking ways to help instill a new found determination into these discouraged young women!  All of this got me thinking about successful people and what makes them successful?  What gives them the fortitude to persevere?  In investigating this aspect, I came across an article by Ilya Pozin called "12 Things All Successful People Do."  Guess what was #1 on the list?  You got it! #1 Boldly Fail!! It seems that successful people understand "the reality of failure" -- it will happen.  Pozin goes on to state: "The most successful people understand the reality of failure and its importance in finding success. While you may want to run and hide after you fail, you must learn from your mistakes to ensure you don't fail in the same way the second time around." Thank you Pozin!  

By the way -- #2 on that list was "Set goals."  I love how this is going!  Tomorrow I get to facilitate our "Early Bird" Workshop!  Goal Setting is on our list too!  Let Experience and Insight guide you!  All the best! Pat 



Fall Recruitment Weeks Start! Bring on the Emotions!

by Pat Grant on 08/08/13

When this time of year finally rolls around, I have lately been reminded of the signs I see everywhere. You know the ones that say, "Keep Calm and ... "  you fill in the appropriate comment, (i.e. ... carry on... put on your big girl panties...) you get the idea! For most of our young ladies, Mom and/or Dad are packing them up, sending them away from home for the first year of college. 

Needless to say, this is fertile ground for a plethora of emotions, for all parties involved: excitement for a new experience; stress in making sure every little thing one girl could possibly need was procured; sadness because one stage of life is ending and another one is beginning; fear of navigating this new stage in life...shall I go on?  There are many more emotions we could explore.  

However, with this wellspring of emotions lying beneath the surface, the time has come! It is finally here!  That week you have been preparing for and looking forward to all year long!  For you incoming freshmen and those of you who are moving them to campus for the first time, many of you may think you have some idea about what to expect!  However, as I have stated many times before now, there is no way to explain the freshman experience and Sorority Recruitment Week (or as we like to call it in the vernacular "Rush"), until you go through the process yourself!!

This should be an exciting and wonderful time for you to meet tons of new people!  My final word of advice!  Enjoy!!!  You have worked diligently to prepare, and hopefully with our guidance and insight, nothing was left on the table to discuss!  You have done your prep work!  Now use it to the best of your ability and knowledge! 

Walk into your first party, on the first day of recruitment, and know that you have done everything you possibly could to control any given situation! It is up to you to make this the best possible experience for yourself!  Be open and leave behind any preconceived ideas! We want to hear from you! We always get so attached to our RB Moms and daughters!  The achieving of every success is what we aim for you!  Let us know how things are going!  And of course, if you have any last minute concerns or questions, you know how to get in touch with us!

My prayer for you is always: May only good and positive things, from Heaven above, come to you in this process.  Knowing that God is good always, and may He be in the mix of every decision you make, and those made about you! Blessings bestowed upon you all! Amen!

Many best wishes and hugs to you all, as your recruitment week unveils the many surprises that await you!  Remember to "Keep Calm and Carry On"...God bless! Pat





Eventful Spring and the Summer of Lists!!

by Pat Grant on 05/22/13

Hi Ladies!! We have loved helping you all through the Spring Workshops, as well as the plethora of private "mini" sessions too!  We hope you have found the workshops and "mini" sessions useful and informative!  Our goal is to always present the most current and insightful information available to enlighten our clients!  We want you all to achieve every success!  We have certainly enjoyed presenting our workshops to you!  Needless to say, it has been an eventful spring for us!  We are truly thankful, especially for making and meeting new friends!  Once we have had the pleasure to work with you, and get to know so many great Moms and daughters, we think of you as friends!  It has been great expanding our circle of friends!

Marlea and I are spending the summer helping our private clients, and are enjoying the one-on-one time with each of them!  We have a busy summer coming up, and since my newly graduated daughter Paige wil be home, we will be utilizing her sorority experience and insight as well!  Paige will be a vital asset to our PNMs, haviing just left the campus environment herself!

Also, I want to remind those of you preparing to head off to college and Sorority Recruitment this Fall, don't forget about the "lists" of things you need to accomplish!  If you attended our workshops this spring, you will remember this discussion.  So be sure and get those lists going and completed!  Lots to do!! And this is just the beginning!  If you need our insight or opinion in this regard, don't hestiate to contact us!  We want to be availabe to our clients all summer!

We looking forward to this productive summer, and are expecting to make some smart and fun changes in venues coming up this Fall! So be on the lookout!

All the best, with warmest regards from Marlea and Me!  Pat 

Road Trip to Atlanta for our EXTREME Workshop -- Saturday, April the 27th!!

by Pat Grant on 04/25/13

OK Chicks!  We have had a fun and eventful Spring Workshop season!  We are finishing the season of our Group Workshops this coming Saturday in Atlanta!  Thank you Donna Holden for getting us booked into Atlanta at the Chastain Clubhouse!  (Find the address on our "links" tab of our website.)  Come join us if you can!

Of course, we will still be booking private "mini" sessions all summer long!  We welcome any and all inquiries!  Our goal, always, is to share our insight and knowledge!  We want the absolute best possible Recruitment experience for all of our PNMs!  We continue to welcome new clients, but what we love best is establishing all the new friendships with each of you!  We are so honored that you have welcomed us at this fun-time in your lives! 

We are also deeply grateful for the ongoing and continued support of our wonderful Spring assoicates!  Thank you for your help Angie Holder of MomenTaker Photography (and for sponsoring our refreshments this Spring), Miriam Stone of MyRush books, Tracy James of ChicMadeSimple, Sherry Corey of DormSuiteDorm/SewSherry, and Teala Stewart of Monograms Plus!

A special nod of thanks for past help goes to Megan LaRussa of SouthernFemme, and much happiness on your upcoming marriage!  Also, a very special thank you to Susan Hurst, not only for her cosmetics insight, but for booking us at Cahaba Bend!  We love all the wonderful insight and help that you both have provided for us from the very beginning!

We are so touched by the generosity of so many!  We are amazed at the wonderful ongoing encouragement from you all --- and so many others!  Our cup runneth over...May God bless each of you!



Next Workshop in Birmingham and a Change in the Venue for the Atlanta Workshop!

by Pat Grant on 03/27/13

Hi Ladies!  We are fast approaching our next workshop -- which is in Birmingham!  We always love working with our workshoppers, and always love to hear from you!  And best of all, thanks to technology, we are enabled to work with you no matter where you are in the world!  It is always so wonderful to connect and share with you!  
We just want to remind you of a couple of things!  
1) The Birmingham workshop is April 14th and 15th  -- please see the time and place below.  
2) We are taking our workshop to Atlanta April 27th!!  We couldn't be more excited to be on the road to Georgia!  A very special "Thank you" to Donna Holden for being our anchor in Atlanta!  We look forward to this new adventure!
If you are interested in attending either of these workshops just drop us an email or sign our guestbook and let us know!   
Please note below -- there has been a change in the venue for the Atlanta workshop!
(Instead of the Northside Methodist Church -- we have been upgraded to the Chastain Clubhouse!)  
2-Day Intensive
 April 14th and 15thsin
Sunday afternoon 3-5 p.m. 
          and Monday evening 6-8 p.m. 
  Mtn. Brook Community Ed. Room 
  in the  Board of Education Bldg.
Birmingham, Alabama 

1-Day Extreme
April 27th
Saturday afternoon
1-5 p.m.
The Chastain Clubhouse
4371 Powers Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30327

Happy Easter and Blessed Passover to all of our workshoppers and friends!
Love and all the best from Marlea and me!  

Group Workshops, and Private "Mini" Workshops

by Pat Grant on 03/17/13

Hi all!!  We had our first Spring workshop last weekend!  We are always happy to get to know new folks and help with all of their questions and concerns!  Mark your calendars for our second group workshop coming April 14th and  15th!  Pre-register by sending us an email to confirm your interest.  We will contact you back!

Also, several of our clients are more comfortable participating in our private "mini" workshops.  You may inquire more about those by emailing us as well!

Our email is: Rushbiddies@aol.com

Spring is right around the corner!! Happy Spring everyone!

Hugs from Marlea and me! Pat




Spring Workshops for 2013! (And other things!)

by Pat Grant on 03/03/13

Hi gang!  It seems that technology has a learning curve for me!  After a bit of a delay, we are back and full of anticipation for presenting our Spring 2013 workshops!  Hopefully you have kept up with us on Facebook!  If you haven't "liked" us yet, please do!  Check out our new FB button on our website! 

Our website is still an ongoing venture!  Thank you for sticking with us!  We hope to continue to improve the usefulness of our website, as well as our services!  We really appreciate our clients verbalizing their needs!  We are all about meeting your needs with our services.  Our "mini" workshops are an effort to address and personalize our services!  If you are interested in our package deals, just drop us an email!   

As for our Spring Workshops, we have three group workshops this year! We are so excited!  Our first one is coming up this month!  This is the first time we are headed to Pelham/Helena -- just south of Birmingham.  We can't wait!  March the 10th and 11th we will be presenting our 2-Day Intensive workshop at the The Church at Cahaba Bend (we have directions on our "links" tab of our website).  Please note a bit of a difference in the time!   That Sunday afternoon (the 10th) we will be presenting "All about the paper" from 2-4 p.m. and Monday night (the 11th) we will be presenting "All about the party" from 6-8 p.m.  You don't want to miss this one!  This is early, (before everyone's Spring Break), so you are adding some much needed time to get your plans organized! Pre-register quickly because space is limited!  We look forward to seeing you all there!

Our second Spring Workshop is April the 14th and 15th!  We will be back at the Mtn. Brook Community Education Room in the Mtn. Brook Board of Education building.  This is also our 2-Day Intensive!  Pre-register now because this session is promising to be packed!  We will be back to our usual time of 3-5 p.m. that Sunday the 14th, and again, that Monday the 15th 6-8 p.m.  This workshop has gotten to be a favorite!  Do pre-register early via our guest book on our website!

And our third and final group workshop for this Spring is in Atlanta!  We are so excited to be road tripping over to our Georgia neighbors!  We are doing a marathon Extreme workshop for our clients in Atlanta!  We can't wait!  The date is Saturday, April 27th, from 1-5 p.m. (We promise we will give you breaks!!)  We can't wait to meet you Georgia peaches!  Come ready with all of your questions and concerns!  Do pre-register on our website's "workshop" tab and sign the guestbook!

One last little tidbit!  Check out your March Southern Living Magazine, (page 92, #28 of the "Social Graces") -- we are cited for our advice in writing a letter of recommendation!  We are honored to be noted in a tribute to "Southern Charm."  For us, we are Southern traditionalist in the sense that the process of Recruitment is a time honored tradition.  For us personally, it is all about connecting and helping our clients understand the process of Greek Recruitment!  Every girls deserves her spot!  However, after a workshop or a private session, I always feel like I have made a new friend!  I know for Marlea and me, it is alway about giving insight and knowledge!  We understand and we care deeply!   

May you all be blessed sweet friends and clients!

One final personal note, let me thank you all for your words and expressions of sympathy in the recent loss of my Dad.  I am so touched by your kindness. May you all be blessed with the peace that surpasses all understanding! Hugs -- Pat






The Summer of the New York Times article!

by Pat Grant on 08/21/12

 Rushbiddies, recently featured in the New York Times!! Yes -- you read that correctly!  Thanks to New York Times contributing writer, Abigail Sullivan Moore -- we had a small quote in the NYT!  However, we can't tell you how very much we enjoyed getting to know her!  The work she put into the article took a lot of time and research -- and we were just a small part of that process!  We are grateful to be included!
Thanks again Abby!
Since the article -- we have had some interesting inquiries -- so we will see how all of this publicity shakes out in the end.  However, anytime there is publicity, the detractors follow shortly thereafter.  And to those we say:  Welcome!  We would like to invite you to our Fall Workshop!  Obviously you need to know what we are all about if you want to criticize us!  We feel that helping Moms and daughters navigate their way through a system which needs preparation and paper 'know-how' is the first step in preparing for Greek Recruitment!
To the Moms and daughters who earnestly want to learn more about the Recruitment process -- please come join us at our October "Early Bird" workshop!  This workshop is ideal for the high school senior (or junior/sophomore) girl who needs and wants to gain insight to be well prepared -- early -- for their college Sorority Recruitment! 
We are two Panhellenic-minded women (Marlea Foster and Pat Grant) who developed this program, as we watched some of the most outstanding high school girls go through the Greek Sorority Recruitment process uninformed and unprepared! 
This workshop will guide you through the preparation it takes to be ready for the sorority recruitment process.  Our intent is to help you with the insight it takes to network your senior year (or any high school year) to your fullest advantage!  

Topics will include prep timelines, resumes, recommendations, thank you notes, Facebook pages, and more.  

Select one of these convenient times to attend: 

Sunday, October 21st @ 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. or

Monday, October 22nd @ 6:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m.

in the Mountain Brook Community Education Classroom (32 Vine Street). 

Cost is $75 per person or $100 for both mom and daughter.  For more information or to pre-register you may email Rushbiddies@aol.com

Thanks! With Warmest Regards from Marlea and Me!  Pat

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Alabama Business Journal...The Birmingham News... Auburn 
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